Currently closed except for emergency/post operative patients.

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Dr. Murphy of Patrick Murphy Plastic Surgery

Dr. Murphy is a Reno native who attended the University of Nevada for medical school. After that, he fulfilled a six-year general surgery residency, followed by an additional three years of training in plastic surgery at the University of California, Irvine. During these three years, he worked hand-in-hand with reconstructive and aesthetic innovators in Beverly Hills and Newport Beach. Dr. Murphy has brought his expertise and training back to his hometown of Reno, NV, where he maintains an approachable and easy-going style that makes patients feel right at home.

Staff taking picture together

The Team at Our Reno, NV Practice

Every member of the staff at Patrick Murphy Plastic Surgery is a caring and compassionate professional that works to achieve your aesthetic desires. You can always count on them to provide the best care and thorough service for whatever procedure we’ve included in your individual treatment plan. Among our staff is Amanda, the Office Manager.

Amanda, Office Manager

Amanda has experience in numerous areas of the healthcare industry. She started working with Dr. Murphy back in 2011, and since then she’s helped to run the practice seamlessly and handle every aspect of the front office. Additionally, she’s quite talented at covering care in the back office, as well. Amanda has an enthusiastic and friendly personality, which immediately puts patients like you at ease. In her personal life, she’s also quite the culinary master.

Our Outstanding Plastic Surgery Care

With the decades of experience Dr. Murphy has amassed in his career, you can rest easy and expect excellent results for your treatment. For surgical procedures, minimally invasive procedures, and med spa treatments, we put together a personalized plan for your treatment. We focus on the best options to achieve your desired aesthetic outcome, and every procedure is carried out with sharp expertise and consideration for your well-being. If you have questions, or you’d like to schedule a consultation to discuss how we can help you, give us a call today. We’re in the business of making your vision a reality.

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