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Facial Skin Resurfacing Procedure in Reno, NV

Loose and hanging skin are not the only signs of aging. The surface quality and appearance of your skin should be taken into consideration. Years of sun exposure can take its toll, as well as any other internal or external stressors. Fine lines and wrinkles, pigment and areas of discoloration, sun spots and blemishes, as well as a dull or crepey skin can make you appear older than you wish. While surgery or minimally invasive subdermal skin tightening can correct excess skin, they do nothing to improve the surface appearance.

Girl Skincare Isolated over White Background Touch Cheek by Hand

Why Renuvion Works

This is where Renuvion fully ablative skin resurfacing comes in. Using the same cold helium plasma radiofrequency energy as the subdermal skin tightening, the Renuvion/J-Plasma device can be applied externally to the skin surface to precisely remove the top layer of skin, taking the signs of aging with it. What is left is healthy, glowing new skin. Think of it as literally wiping away the years.

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An added benefit of Renuvion/J-Plasma facial resurfacing is that the energy from the device causes skin contraction, just like it does when used underneath the skin. While this is not the main purpose of the procedure, full face tightening is a welcome side effect. Imagine tightening the skin of your forehead to cause a brow lift; contracting the cheek skin to lift the jowls; treating the eyelids to help reduce droopy eyelid skin; and tightening the skin around your mouth to give a fuller lip. And that is not even the main purpose of the procedure! Call us today to see what Renuvion/J-Plasma resurfacing can do for you.

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